Charlie Sheen, it looks like if everything was forgiven. It is possible that the media circus has left behind the adventures of this Hollywood provocateur, but what it is more curious is that his scandals now look as even acceptable after what has been happening lately. Sheen was famous and powerful and from some time … Continue reading


The principal Spanish cities have experienced the protests of the so called “the annoyed ones”. According to the organizers, in Madrid more that 25.000 people in Barcelona about 15.000 people, and more than a million in total. The pacific movement, “Real Democracy Now”, is formed by different groups and its main demand is political and … Continue reading

STRAUSS-KAHN FROM THE IMF TO JAIL His very bright politic future has been turned into a very dark one, Dominique Strauss-Kahn the former head of the International Monetary Fund, a high level diplomat and the one that may already pointed out as a sure candidate for the French presidency has been accused of “criminal sexual conduct” when an employee at … Continue reading

The Economic Impact of Bin Laden’s Death

I’ve read many interesting things said by different people about how Bin Laden’s death will impact the world economy. For example on the Washington Post, Ezra Klein places the following question “Has any single human being, either directly or indirectly, cost the United States more money than Osama Bin Laden?”, in the same article the … Continue reading


The United States Navy Sea, Air and Land Teams, commonly known as the Navy SEAL’s. They are the navy’s Special Operations Force and is part of the Naval Special Warfare Command as well as the maritime component of the Us Special Operations Command. In the early morning of May 1, 20011 a team of 40 … Continue reading


. The economic trust on the Euro Area registered in March a recess of 6 points over the previous month. This means a major deterioration of the trust in the heart of the euro zone since may 2010, after the first euro crisis which lead to the rescue of Greece, according to the published data … Continue reading

Japan’s Nuclear and Earthquake desaster

The Japanese archipelago is located in an area where several continental and oceanic plates meet. This is the cause of frequent earthquakes and the presence of many volcanoes and hot springs across Japan. If earthquakes occur below or close to the ocean, they may trigger tidal waves (tsunami). Many parts of the country have experienced devastating … Continue reading

Spain Reduces Speed Limit To 110km/h To Save On Fuel As Oil Prices Rises

Spain is to reduce its speed limit on its motorways to 110 Km per hour from 120 Km per hour, to save petrol due to the rise in crude oil prices and supply crises caused by the upraise in countries like Libya and Egypt. “We’re going to go slower and, in exchange for that, we’re going … Continue reading